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“Hooked Up” is the newest addition to our fleet. She is a 45 foot Hatteras sportfish, that has recently undergone a major refit including new motors, generator, refrigeration, and many more items.

We offer fishing trips anywhere in Panama, including the Perlas Islands, Piñas Bay, and Coiba. We tailor the trip to our guests wants and needs in every way. From day trips out of Panama City, or multi day fishing expeditions with the “Hooked Up” and “Cheers” as the mothership.

Sport Fishing Panama
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"Hooked Up"

Our charter “Hooked Up” is the perfect length for group fishing comfortably and has a crew ready to give you an unparalleled experience. Sportfishing is a true passion for many; for this reason, every day, we strive to take our clients to the best locations so that they stand out and demonstrate all their fishing skills.

The Pacific Ocean has all the necessary characteristics for a successful day of sport fishing throughout the year; among the many specimens that live there are: Mahi Mahi or Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna (Yellowfin tuna), Red Snapper (Red snapper), Sierra Golfina (Wahoo), White Tuna (Albacore) and much more.

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At Cheers, we keep in mind the premises of ecological sustainability, conservation, and marine preservation, which is why we firmly support the fishing and release (Catch and Release) of protected species within the limits of the Panamanian Pacific.

Give color to your weekend! Swap the routine for a fishing rod and get ready for a day of fresh air, sun, fun, and lots of fish.

Is sport fishing only for professionals?

Of course not, this sports activity can be practiced by enthusiastic amateurs, intermediate or expert connoisseurs. The main idea is that you spend a different time with your friends doing excellent outdoor activity.


We know various fishing spots with abundant marine fauna to practice this sport in the best way throughout the year. We take you and your guests to settings where it will be straightforward for them to capture and enjoy the innumerable species that live there while appreciating the most bounties of nature and pleasantly conversing in total privacy.


Generally, our clients like to go sailing very early (around 6:30 am) to take advantage of the first hours of sun, adjust the fishing rods, and have much more time available to fish. However, we will gladly stick to the departure time that you and your guests want to arrange.


When leaving the marina, we will indicate the multiple fishing spots that are accessible within less than 1 hour of navigation; we will immediately trace a course to the chosen site to try our luck if, over time, we see that the fishing has not had the expected results. We can move to another location to try again.

After an action-packed morning, we’ll propose a short break for lunch and recharge your batteries to continue fishing for a few extra hours. We recommend bringing a basket stocked with light foods, fruits, and beverages.

If the weather and tide conditions allow it in the afternoon, you can resume your fishing before returning to port, where this tour dedicated to sport fishing ends.


Yacht Charter

Yacht rental.

Captain and Crew

Captain and Crew.

Transfer and Anchorage

Transfer and anchorage at the selected point.



Dock Expenses

Pier expenses.

Other services

Among others.

Can I bring food and drinks on the trip?

Yes, our clients and their companions can bring food, snacks, water, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). At Cheers, we want our clients to enjoy this aquatic adventure fully, so we do not limit or add additional charges for bringing food or drinks on board.



Cheers advisors are waiting to assist you through our different means of contact.

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