Our boat is the emblem of what we are today, we can proudly say that The Cheers has sailed rivers, lakes and oceans for more than 50 years. Its first task was as a fishing boat dedicated to this exhaustive commercial activity, a job that over the years was taking away much of its strength and splendor, however, the history of The Cheers could not have a gray ending, we knew very well that She deserved so much more than that and that’s how we decided to give her a second chance, transforming her into the beautiful yacht that our customers see today.

The Cheers was reborn to bring enjoyment, excitement and adrenaline to all who come aboard, continuing its legacy of love for the sea.

The main objective is that our clients celebrate their special dates on a boat marked by a history of motivation, success and revival, without forgetting the exclusive level of attention that characterizes us.

The Cheers



Length: 62 feet long.

Galones de Diesel

Fuel: 3,000 gallons of diesel.

Agua Dulce

Fresh water: 500 gallons.

Aire Acondicionado

Air conditioning by dual systems.

Frigoríficos en galera

Refrigerators in galley: 3 units.

Arcones congeladores

Chest freezers: 2 units.

Sistemas de Navegacion

Navigation systems: Garmin GPS/radar/AIS.

Electrodomésticos de cocina

Full kitchen appliances fully available.

Do not forget that with us you can have the best journey of your life sailing through the warm and welcoming Pacific Ocean. The Cheers awaits you and all your guests!



Cheers advisors are waiting to assist you through our different means of contact.

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